Melting Point BBC Radio 3

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Winner of Phonurgia Nova Award 2010

“like snowflakes dropping gently in your ears”  
- The Radio Times.

“a wild adventure into the sounds of nature..”  
- The Daily Telegraph.


Spirit of the Beehive

BBC Radio 4

composed feature Sept 2011

A Radio 4 Pick of the Year

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  “If you needed a break from man's inhumanity to man, Spirit of the Beehive, Nina Perry's "composed feature", which mixed stories of beekeepers and scientific analysis with a lilting violin that echoed the insects' drowsy dance, was an uplifting change of perspective”

- The Independent

Message in a Bottle

BBC World Service

“a charismatic, gently paced feature about communicating in one of the last truly long-winded ways available. Made by Nina Perry, this was a textbook radio feature: slight, subtle, shot through with atmosphere, texture and compelling voices..”

-The Guardian

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Lullabies on BBC World Service

“Nina Perry has made a remarkable pair of

25-minute documentaries”

The Daily Telegraph

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Language of Lullabies

Lullabies in the Arab World

(Loftus Audio)

Read the accompanying interactive article on the BBC Website here

Wax and Yarn

a new composition exploring the relationship between music and textiles

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supported by Women make Music

PRS for Music Foundation

Sound design for Faces of War

stories behind iconic images of Iraq conflict

The Guardian Interactive

A Spring Clean Symphony

BBC Radio 4

composed feature

A Radio 4 Pick of the Week

(TX 5.04.2013)

(Loftus Audio)

an engaging and original sound picture..” 

The Daily Mail

Supermarket Symphony

BBC Radio 4

composed feature exploring the hidden beauty and personal stories found in supermarkets

(falling tree productions)

A Radio 4 Pick of the Week and a Guardian radio moment of 2011

Listen to the rebroadcast on Re:Sound

or download from ABC Australia

a delightful, life-affirming half-hour.... soaring, surprising and enriching..”

- The Guardian

Sleepless Night BBC Radio 4

composed feature exploring the relationship between sound and sleep

repeated 11.30 PM 23.09.2013

A Radio 4 Pick of the Week

(White Pebble Media)

A Song of Bricks and Mortar

BBC Radio 3 - between the ears

composed feature on creativity and the art

of making. 6.7.2013

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